Implement & Evaluate

Implement and EvaluateOrganizations need to stay in touch with customers, launch new products or services, and even re-launch existing products and services to new channels. In order to measure and maintain growth it is necessary to consistantly gain feedback from customers. If resources are constrained or if a quick test is necessary, Apexx will act as an incubator, a safe place to test the impact of new products, services or ideas, without the typical organizational constraints such as limited resources, complex process limitations or required marketing and sales tactics that run counter to the core business. Apexx will also apply a critical eye to help drive continuous improvement.


  • Product/service concept testing and adoption
  • Customer/distribution partner scorecard
  • Collateral and messaging performance testing
  • Channel and segment performance evaluation
  • Sales effectiveness assessment
  • ROI
  • Sales funnel performance review


  • Integrated account management and lead generation
  • Product launch
  • Venture capital search
  • Private label development
  • Customer conversion rate improvement